Ariel Pustilnik

I was born in Argentina and I began my artistic training under teaching by the Plastic Artist Norberto Moncarz (Norberto Moncarz), who taught me the freedom that Abstract Art offers us at the moment of painting. Using different tools, starting from our own hands, passing through spatulas, sponges, etc.
By that time I began to take classes with the plastic artist Nancy Torre (Nancy Torre), who specializes in abstract art
figurative, and with whom I had the opportunity to take various workshops that have left me great lessons and the management of elements.
At the same time I attended to workshops and courses which helped me to enrich my development whithin abstraction.
Currently, for some years now, I have been taking classes with the visual artist Laura Montanaro (Laura Montanaro).
With whom I obtained my complete development as an abstract plastic artist, expanding 100% my knowledge in diverse materials and elements, acrylic, oil cold wax and mixed techniques.
My work is a composition of techniques and feelings when doing a job.
Although my beginnings were varied, the abstract is a model in which I move with absolute freedom and allows me to expand without limits.
Abstract art is not about thinking what to do, but about feeling what the work suggests and letting ourselves be guided by our instinct, applying the correct technique.
My work takes part of different private collections in Buenos Aires, New York and Barcelona.